Friday, January 15, 2010


Had I been asked to title this work, I would have chosen "Reverie". The setting reminds me of a New Orleans courtyard and the subject appears relaxed enough to be lost in a daydream although the expression could be anger or annoyance as much as contemplation. She is focused on something that we cannot see. I doubt we would have seen it had we been there. This is a mood evoked from the "flash upon that inward eye" of something she clearly sees and feels strongly about. Perhaps she has done something with which she is pleased, but something that others may not share her pleasure. She doesn't care. She's confident in her reliving the incident and the results. The fact that she has broken some rule intrigues me, and her attitude makes her not only interesting but curiously attractive. "She's got everything she needs, she's an artist; she don't look back. She can take the dark out of the nighttime and paint the daytime black." Dylan said it in "She Belongs to Me". How long will she enjoy this thought? How long can we share her defiance? We can enjoy it for as long and as often as we like, because she belongs to us.

Fazrul Arham worked as an illustrator in a Malaysian publication house for many years until the end of June 2009 when he decided to fulfill his ambition to work as a full time artist. He is largely self taught. More of this work can be seen and purchased here:

He writes about his work in his blog here:

Tittle: Demi Kasih Demi Sayang
Medium: Acrylic paints on canvas
Size: 20 inches x 30 inches
Year: 2004
Publisher: Creative Enterprise Sdn. Bhd
Signed and dated bottom edge right : fazrul arhan 2004
Model: Rohayah
Labels: Illustration Book Cover


  1. I'm feeling so honored to have my work being reviewed and written by a professional like you mr Etier. This is really a great compliment to me.Thank you so much for all your times and effort.With a great writing from a great person like you,for sure this will add much value to my work.
    I'm so much appreciated mr Etier..thanks :)

  2. I like this work and I also like how you reviewed it. You know when I was studying as a part of programme we had to talk about paintings and what they express according to us. Somehow it was always tough for me as I believed we will never be able to explain what the painter was thinking when he worked on it.

  3. A painting can tell a whole story!
    Good review Chip!

  4. Good luck is the first step for success...
    Keep it up...

  5. HI; i arrived to this post by your friend Fazrul and its so wonderful; great job; i liked; all the best for you!

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    Best reguards!

  6. Chip - you are multi-talented! Your writing is beautiful and you paint a lovely picture. Thank you for opening my eyes to this work of art.