Friday, December 31, 2010

Edwin Edwards -- Governor of Louisiana

People from all over the country brag that their home state has the worst, or most corrupt politics in the country. My wife is from New Jersey and she has always argued in favor of The Garden State having some dubious political history -- until she moved to Louisiana. In spite of her home state loyalty, she seems to agree that things are very bad in the deep south.

For over fifty years, Edwin Edwards was involved in some way in the state's political scene.

Click here and read my review of an interesting new book about the former governor who is at the time of this writing, incarcerated in federal prison.

Even if you aren't from Louisiana or don't care about Louisiana, there's something for everyone with any interest in politics.

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  1. There is indeed corruption there. That was a great review of the book that looks very interesting. Great site.

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