Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013

     The Presidents Club continues with a snippet from Chapter Four today. It, and the three previous chapters, can be accessed HERE

The Set Up
     In this scene from Chapter Four, we get to know a couple of the members of the club a bit better by brazen bar room banter. (I love alliteration!)

The Six Sentences

In the background, the clatter of ivory dominoes rattling around on the table announced the beginning of another hand. 
No one kept score, at least not on paper.
Louie made eye contact with Abe and asked, “Usual?”
“Yeah, Louie, draft Miller Lite,” Abe was consistent.
Gold poked fun and asked, “Abe, why don’t you ever drink a Colt .45?”
“Ron, the last time I had any of that shit was when I drank some with a pork chop at your bar mitzvah,” and the two men with common African heritage shared a laugh.
What now?
     The official Six Sentence Sunday site has been closed. We have heard discussion of a continuation and will alert readers if it happens and of course, if we participate.
     Meanwhile, please accept this invitation to join us for a new chapter of The Presidents Club every Sunday HERE.
     All chapters will be archived and of course, reading is FREE!


  1. Hooray! Sunday, and another installment! :) Thanks, Chip!

    1. Thanks Martha,
      I hope you enjoy(ed) chapter four.

  2. I personally prefer miller lite. I like the bar scene and clatter of dominoes indicating the start of a new hand. Never would've thought to describe it like that, great job. It's been fun exchanging snippets. All the best in 2013!

    1. Thanks, Frank.
      Good luck with your next book.

  3. Lovely tight writing, got instant visual of their surroundings. Enjoyed reading your excerpt, Frank. The covers are wonderful by the way. All the best, and thanks heaps for the twitter link

  4. Pork chops and bar mitzvahs? Oi vey!

    Chip, the Schlemiel of Suspense, has now proven to be the Master of
    Mixing Metaphors. As for welcoming him into the ranks of the Chosen
    People, I think I will grant him a pass. I kvell whenever I read his writing.

    Rabbi Hoffman

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