Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov. 18 Six Sentence Sunday

The Setup:

Sixty-two year old professional assassin, Claudia Barry, has a confidant. The mysterious "Mr. Debert." Here, they are nearing the end of a rather lengthy conversation in which she has been defending her career choice.

Six Sentences:

Debert changed the mood with a smile and refilled their glasses, “You’ve invoked a 13th century convict, corporate greed, and a 20th century vigilante to justify your career. You expect me to believe all that bullshit?”

Claudia had to smile.

Debert continued, “You kill for two reasons: you believe you’re meting out justice and you are paid a king's ransom. You’re also rationalizing.”

Claudia hesitated, then broke the silence with a subdued smile as she replied, “And I’m damned good at it."


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  1. LOL! This woman is as cool as a cucumber. You have to love her :)

    1. Thanks Monique!
      You'll be glad to know that Claudia is wowing the critics!

  2. Intriguing set up. I like your two characters and the excerpt definitely makes me want to know more - terrific six!

  3. Claudia is becoming dimensional. Just when you think you know her, you don't.