Monday, April 15, 2013

Character Quiz - remember these?

My previous blog on how authors select names for their characters spawned this quiz.
The answers are all over the internet, but give it a shot without looking them up first.
See how you do.
Boomers should do well, however, these all came from a current “best of all time” list selected by contemporary viewers.

Good luck!

Match the character with his/her book, movie, description.

Hot Lips Houlihan Casablanca
Illya Kuryakin Dr. Strangelove
Melanie Wilkes Apocalypse Now
Louis Renault Taxi Driver
Harry Lime “Verbal”
Ellen Ripley Silence of the Lambs
Ian Malcolm The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Roger Kint Gone With The Wind
Marion Crane Alien
Clarice Starling M*A*S*H
Buck Turgidson Some Like It Hot
Bill Kilgore Jurassic Park
Chuck Martin The Whirlybirds
Travis Bickle The Third Man
Sugar Kane Kowalczyk Psycho

Please post your scores, questions, suggestions, and thoughts in the comment section.

Enjoy the quiz!

Several of the characters named above appear in the following video:

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