Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Mickey Spillane?

The second novel of the "Jo Epstein" mysteries is available now to pre-order from Amazon. It hits the streets in Nov. 2010.
Here's an excerpt from my recent review and a link to the entire article:

"[Joyce Yarrow]..may very well prove herself to be the Mickey Spillane of the 21st century. Has the golden age of pulp fiction returned? Yarrow and Spillane share similar roots, the Bronx and Brooklyn respectively. Like Spillane, she can come up with some great analogies, exciting plotlines and typical street/detective chatter."

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And here's the trailer from YouTube:

Global Warming -- Which side are you on?

Climatism! by Steve Goreham hit the streets back in April, 2010.
Here's an excerpt from my review and the link to the entire article:

Regardless of which side of the global warming issue you find yourself, have you been successful in converting anyone who doesn’t agree over to your point of view? That might be as easy as getting Michelle Obama to become a Methodist Republican — or getting Rush Limbaugh to become a Zen Buddhist Democrat!

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