Sunday, December 25, 2011

MCMXII -- The series begins

First in the series was "MCMXII -- The Lost World Centennial" published on on December 17, 2011.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Watch for my new series of articles at!

Subjects will include the births and deaths of famous people, centennials of famous events, businesses, books and inventions.  In fact, anything of interest that happened in 1912 will be fodder for my column.  

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Movies with body counts higher than Rambo

Rambo comes in at number thirteen?  

What a shock!  I remember when the first of the Rambo series (First Blood) hit the big screen in October of 1982, there were considerable discussions about the body count -- especially in later installments. The ranking of Rambo 2008 came as a real surprise when I discovered a list of “46 Movies with Ridiculously High Body Counts” in a newly published book from HarperCollins.

Listomania, A World of Fascinating Facts in Graphic Detail contains over 250 pages of interesting lists.  As I scanned through the forty-six mentioned above, I noticed that the 2008 version of Rambo came in at number thirteen.  Rambo III (1988) appears at number 37 and is the only other of that series to make the list.  Here’s the list and along with each title is the year it came out and the body count.  Rambo 2008 had a body count of 247.

12. Saving Private Ryan, 1998 -- 255 dead

11. Starship Troopers, 1997 -- 256
10. We Were Soldiers, 2002 -- 305
 9. Titanic, 1997 -- 307
 8. Hard Boiled, 1992 -- 307
 7. Grindhouse, 2007 -- 310
 6. The Two Towers, 2002 -- 468
 5. The Last Samurai, 2003 -- 558
 4. Troy, 2004 -- 572
 3. 300, 2007 -- 600
 2. Kingdom of Heaven, 2005 -- 610

and the winner (the second of the Lord of the Rings series to make the list) is...

No. 1.  The Return of the King, 2003 with a ridiculously high body count of 836!