Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon

On the evening of March 19, 2011, the moon was not only full, it was as close to the Earth as is has been in eighteen years. I set up my tripod and got my camera and 600mm lens ready and waited. Moonrise was later than I thought, it had to come up over Cold Mountain for me to see it, and there was a lot of clouds moving through the area.

Here's the link to my gallery of 13 shots I made of the "Super Moon".

I hope you enjoy them and will leave comments with your reactions either in the gallery or here on the blog. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my work.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Louisiana Swamp Shoot

Last week I drove back home to Louisiana to conduct a photo shoot in the swamps near where I grew up.

Various selections from that shoot will be available for viewing and purchase on several sites where my work is seen now. Watch for more selections at my "Louisiana Swamp Shoot" gallery on

My journey took me to familiar sites from my childhood, particularly the "slough" (pronounced "slew") near my parents' home. Also, we got several good shots under and near a bridge on Little Creek. It's near Lone Cherry Baptist Church, on the way to Goldmine Plantation.