Friday, August 6, 2010

Jazz Guitar!

Instrumental jazz got me through pharmacy school. I hated to study in silence but lyrics distracted me. I needed some variety to classical and Mantovani. Dave Brubeck and "Take 5" came along just in time.

Over the years, I expanded my interests in jazz and started tuning in to WBRH (Baton Rouge High). It's the only high school radio station in the country and they play smooth jazz 24/7. Since I started writing for in October of 2009, it's been a pleasure to write about jazz music.

Check out my two articles on the work of Lee Ritenour. First a review of his latest project, 6 String Theory --

And, then, a real treat for me, an interview with "Captain Fingers" himself!

Enjoy the articles and please, I could use a few diggs, re-tweets, and shares on FB.

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