Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bob Creates a New Word -- "Politibacy"

My creative wife, Miss Bob, has been busy again. This time, she's come up with a new word. Her prolific writing (over 420 articles for Blogcritics in less than a year and 49 for Technorati in 26 days) has given her lots of opportunity for self expression and in doing so, she's come up with a great new word!

It is: " POLITIBACY" and she talks about and uses it in the first paragraph of her recent article reviewing a documentary by Oliver Stone. http://technorati.com/entertainment/film/article/dvd-oliver-stone-goes-south-of/

It would have been great to have had this word when I wrote this article. It sounds better than "apolitical".

We would both appreciate some feedback; what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I alwyas love new words and have made some up myself- though mine aren't well thought out and mostly nonsensicle when i am frustrated in conversation.

    I come from a line of word maker uppers- Once toward the end of her life my Mom - in the heat of being aggravated about someone cutting off the car we were riding in called the driver a "birdass." We have decidet that it is apparently a combination of "bird brain" and "horse's ass." We were hysterical, laughing at this elderly lady getting annoyed enough and so huffy that she couldn't spit out either one or the other.
    It still cracks me up and my brother (who was driving) and I use it- wish others would too.

    Maybe I should blog about it!

    thanks for the new word Miss Bob.