Friday, July 29, 2011

Pharmacy Security Survey -- RESULTS

Here are the results of a national survey we did last week to gather data in support of several articles.

To no surprise, three preferences surfaced among respondents.

1) Pharmacy customers prefer to shop where they feel safe; both when selecting the neighborhood and the specific pharmacy.
2) Pharmacy customers feel safer when an armed uniformed guard is present.
3) The public has little confidence in the effectiveness of video cameras to prevent crime.

Here are the highlights:

1)  50.8% say they never shop in a high risk neighborhood. (8% felt that any pharmacy that stocks Oxycontin and Percocet is high risk.)
2)  77.8% would prefer to see an armed uniform security person near the Rx Dept.
3)  71.4% feel that the big chains should do more than just set up video surveillance.
4)  80.9% would not mind if their pharmacist was armed (concealed weapon).
5)  23.8% said they have concealed weapon permits and have/do carry weapons into the pharmacy when they shop.
6)  52.4% feel that metal detectors at the store entrance are an invasion of privacy and are not in favor of their use.

There were seven questions and #4 above combines the results of two similar questions.

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