Friday, September 14, 2012

THE HOLY GRAIL: A Book Trailer That Spurs Sales

Our guest blogger is videographer/producer Art Hoffman. Among his film credits are four promotional clips for my soon to be published novel, The Tourist Killer, from Venture Galleries. (All four will be the subject of future posts.) Here, he addresses the subject of book trailers.  No doubt, he would appreciate some feedback. 
"Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let 50 cents". -- Roger Miller

Decades ago, lodging evidently could be had for four bits.

Fast forward 50 years.

Everything's a lot pricier now. What should a book trailer cost?
And with whom should you collaborate to produce one?

While that old adage of "getting what you pay for" may be true, don't get exploited into
thinking you have to pay thousands of dollars. The reason? You're a budding novelist, correct?
Well, there are hardworking, creative and very competent film producers out there who are also
launching their craft. I know because I am one. So the cost can be hundreds, not thousands of

Here's a shot of Hoffman at work, braving the heat to get his shot.

Here are some guidelines worth considering.

1. Carefully select the music to accompany the trailer - you'd be amazed at how powerful a
component the right tune can be. Royalty free music is available on the Net - do your homework.

2. Ensure that your trailer is under three minutes, under two even better. Some of my videos have views numbering in the many thousands: the shorter ones always get more exposure. Think about it. When was the last time you clicked on something six minutes long? If necessary, make two book trailers and couple one to the other. As Mary Todd once said, “nothing wrong with linkin'.”

3. Interview your videographer with this objective. Does he or she buy into your story? Into what
makes you jazzed about your book? If so, great! Your collaboration will be all the better for it. If not, find someone who does. "Marriages" work best when there's some passion under the bed covers. Works for book covers as well.

Learn more about Art Hoffman and his services by clicking HERE.


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    1. Jack,
      Thanks for the comment. Art does some great work.

  2. Yeah, always be sure to catch others attention!

    1. Art is great at doing just that!

      Thanks, Mattias, for reading and commenting.

  3. Thank you Art Hoffman, I especially appreciated your comment about the music since it took me a while to find what worked.
    Una Tiers

    1. Is it Fiona -- or Una?
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      I've used for years and Art likes it, too. Great source for royalty free music.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I'm planning on launching my own book trailers soon so am grateful for the insight.

    Thanks for reading and writing,

    Sarah Butland

    1. Sarah,
      My next blog will feature one (or more) of my book trailer/videos.
      Thanks for the comment.