Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meet the "Presidents"

The Eight Sentences:

We got 3 of the 4.
“After being around these guys for a few hours, it’s easy to see how Thibaut — or anyone — could fall under their spell.”
“Charming?” Rosemary asked.


“Tell me more, I think I like them already,” as she clasped her wine glass with both hands. She focused on his eyes but also watched every move on his face as he spoke. 

“Only one of them works now, Abe, the first one the boss met, and the others are all retired. Of course, the bartender works. Anyway, there are two doctors, two teachers, a preacher, a former Lowe’s manager, and one ex-military.”

The Back Story:
      Dinner at Rosemary's apartment with Gerald Pointe. He's the head of security for billionaire investor, Julian Thibaut. In this conversation, he begins to tell her about the men he's met in the Louisville Tavern  the men who make up The Presidents Club.

      Today's blog begins a series of blogs, each of which will focus on one of the members of the group. Next week, Abraham Leroy Region, aka: Abe.


     The Presidents Club went live on NOOK earlier this week.
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  1. It seems like a group of very different people.

  2. It's live? Cool!

    I've been enjoying every snippet of The Presidents Club---I love these guys.

    1. Thanks, Sarah,
      I certainly enjoy their company!

    2. And, yes, it's live on both NOOK and Amazon.

  3. I think you have a typo after "I think I like them already," as she clasped..." I suggest you take out the "as" and capitalize "she". Good snippet, Frank. :)

  4. I agree with Linda -- that's quite an eclectic group!

  5. Sounds like a dynamic group of men.

  6. I always enjoy this group, can't wait to "eavesdrop" on more of their conversation. Terrific 8!

  7. What a clever collection of characters. A sign of creative writing right there. :) Nice 8 Chip. I really need to find some time to read! I'm quite intrigued by this story.
    The Murders of Polly Frisch