Saturday, May 31, 2014

I did a good deed today.

The Eight Sentences
His smile brought her a sense of calm and a reassurance of safety as it always had.
She leaned forward to push her chair back and stand to greet him.
He waved it off, “Keep your seat. You look so comfortable, Claudia, the epitome of self confidence and bliss. Your smile is radiant.”
“Am I smiling? It must be because I did a good deed today.”
Debert nodded understanding, and returned the smile.

The Back Story
When in Manhattan, visit this great pub. It's right across the
street from Penn Station. 
Mr. Debert (DAY'-bear) is Claudia's muse and confidant. They often meet at her favorite Irish pub when she's in NYC, the tir na nOg. This conversation occurs about a half hour after her altercation with the mugger (from last week's excerpt.)
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  1. Love it, and can't wait to hear more!

    1. Lots more to come, Martha. I'm only up to chapter 4 so far...

  2. Great interplay between the characters -- good stuff!

  3. I want a Mr. Debert of my own. . . Even though he hasn't appeared too often so far in these snippets, he's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

  4. Nice easy going banter between the characters. Well done!

  5. Well it was a good deed, although not exactly the kind Boy Scouts would do LOL. Enjoying the story, love that she has a mentor. Great 8!

  6. It's good she has someone who can reassure and understand her so well. Great snippet!

  7. Oh she's about as adorable as an older refined female assassin can get : )

  8. Nice illustration of the dynamic between the two characters.

  9. She has a friend. That's good, and she did do a good deed earlier.

  10. I enjoyed the easy banter between them too.

  11. Your characters feel so real, they jump off the page to invite the reader in. Great 8

  12. I really like this line: His smile brought her a sense of calm and a reassurance of safety as it always had.