Sunday, March 8, 2009


An artist from Turkey, Ethan Ozbiyik, has honored one of my images on with a poem. The image is one I got of some steps on Mount Pisgah (piz'-gah) on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Cold Mountain [of movie fame]. My image and his comments can be found at this address: (copy and paste into your browser) -

My sincere thanks to Ethan again. His gallery on redbubble can be found here:




  1. That picture of the stairs give me 2 seperate emotions. My first emotion is of absolute awe in the beuty. I thought how much I love this picture. As I continued to look and admire the picture, I began to envision a scene in my mind. The stairs are creepy in some way. Is it safe to travel those stairs? What is at the top? Could it be a road to more beutiful scenery or can it lead to a place of horror where the motionless bodies of innocent victims last seen daylight were dragged to their final resting place via the stairs. As a runner, I would love to conqure the stairs, I could almost feel and smell the fresh air.As a vunerable female with a wild imangination, I might be weary of the path they lead to. Excellent job at capturing the stairs. Love nurse buffy

  2. I love the new works posted on flamingoworks.comYour work is awesome!!

  3. Love the new music!!! Need more of the same-it would be moving if photographs and music were combined into slide show!!! Tonyathib