Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elvis Found Alive!

Why can't the mainstream media pick up a really good story?  When all the best stuff comes out, we're often left to rely on documentary films to tell us the whole (real?) story.

Such is the case with the return of Elvis "The King" Presley.  Documentary film producer, Joel Gilbert, brings us the story and is reviewed by my wife, HERE.  Accompanying the DVD was a recently released "Comeback" album from Elvis himself.  The CD includes some fresh covers of some of Elvis's most poplar tunes and rock and roll classics (such as Every Step You Take by The Police) along with a new composition, "Lisa Marie" especially for this project.  You can find my review of the CD, HERE.

Join the more than 50,000,000 Elvis fans in welcoming his return!


  1. I can safely say that this photo gave my heart a wee bit of a lurk! PhotoShop can do some amazing stuff, and this gives us a glimpse of how Elvis might have looked, had he lived. I hope to find time to watch this documentary film in the near future. I'm of the generation who grew up with Elvis as a constant presence, and it's always enjoyable to see more footage of his life.

    - Dawn

  2. Dawn,
    I think that is actually an Elvis impersonator who uses the name, "Jon Burrows" which was one of The King's commonly used aliases.