Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Thrilling Cities" QUIZ

Somehow, in all my reading over all these years, I missed out on this gem of a book.  Recently I discovered this book and now have reviewed it HERE.
For the book, Fleming visited thirteen cities.  Curiously, he combined Los Angeles and Las Vegas into one chapter in the book. We separte them for this project. Join me for a moment and see how you do on this matching exercise.  (At least one of the answers can be found in the review.) You'll need paper and writing instrument. 
Number your paper from 1 through 14 in this order:
1.   Hong Kong
2.   Macao
3.   Tokyo
4.   Honolulu
5.   Los Angeles
6.   Las Vegas
7.   Chicago
8.   New York
9.   Hamburg
10. Berlin
11. Vienna
12. Geneva
13. Naples
14. Monte Carlo

Here are the items to match with the above cities.  Good luck!
A. Lipizzan stallions
B. Suzie Wong
C. cleanliness (this city was by far the cleanest of the 14)
D. The Copacabana Club - NOT the one in New York - there's another
E. gold smuggling - no doubt an inspiration for Goldfinger
F. famous zoo here has no reptile house
G. battleship Bismarck built here, also home of the St. Pauli nightclub district
H. Pompeii
I. Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau
J. Dragnet
L. Frank Sinatra
M."M's" steakhouse - Fleming wondered if his character had gone into business here...
N. Espionage is one of the main industries here.(in the late 50's and early 60's)

Some answers are obvious, some are not.  "Gambling" could be either Vegas or Monte Carlo. Good luck!
Check back soon for the answers! -- maybe in a day or two.

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