Wednesday, October 31, 2012 want a good review?

“Published reviews are cheap advertising; the only cost to the author is that of the book and postage. Being reviewed, though, is not the most important thing – getting a positive review is. The more a reviewer raves about a book, the more interested people will be in reading it.” -- Bob Etier, Jan. 2010 Blogcritics - There’s So Such Thing as a Bad Review

Author Claude Nougat agrees and writes about her experience HERE.

Bob Etier, author of "Bob On Books" and known to many as, “Miss Bob,” wrote the essay quoted above almost two years ago. During that time, she has written over one thousand reviews. Most of those reviews were for books and DVDs.  

She recently began a series of articles for Venture Galleries aimed at helping authors set themselves up for success. At least success in receiving favorable reviews for their work.

In case you missed them, here are the first five:

1. Introduction

2. Research

3. Etier interviewed:

4. Character

5. Grammar vs Style:

The weekly articles appear on Mondays in her blog on her articles and get more favorable reviews.


  1. Good reviews are important of course and you're quite right about that! But any reviews will work for you as a writer provided that they make at least some sort of sense and are not the result of some peculiar personal spite. Those are the only type of reviews that DO NOT work, but then any reader will realize that something is amiss and won't pay attention!

    I'm a firm believer that even a "bad" review doesn't hurt: it just adds to the buzz about your book!

    Thanks for the post and the link, much appreciated!

    1. Yikes! Sorry for the belated reply.
      Yes, I'm with you.
      When Bob was writing some of these articles, I sent her the link to your article on bad reviews.
      Thanks for the comment, Claude.