Sunday, October 7, 2012

My six for the week

The setup:  
Claudia Barry, professional assassin, talks about her career choice and how she deals with the challenges of such a career.  Here is an excerpt from a conversation with one of her very few confidants:

Like everyone, my life is made up of a number of roles that I must play. Not a single one of them has any room for doubt, apprehension or a lack of confidence. Sometimes I change roles several times a day. Sometimes, I stop in between roles. I stop to listen when I cannot hear a thing. There’s always something there.

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  1. An interview with a female assassin. What a wonderful idea. She sounds like a lady I'd like to meet. Fun six.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    You'll be able to meet Claudia in a few weeks when "The Tourist Killer" goes live on Amazon.

  3. I like the nice steady cadence of your writing in this snippet. Very nice job!

  4. I can SO identify with this, and I haven't even killed anyone. Yet. ;c)

    1. Like Claudia says, we all must play roles.
      I hope you never have to kill anyone, but if you do,I hope you shoot straight!