Saturday, January 12, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Jan 13, 2013

     This week we offer six more from my second novel, The Presidents Club, which began as a weekly serial  HERE.  Pleased to report we had over a thousand hits and widespread action in the social media.  Chapter Two goes live today.  After reading today's SSS, please accept our invitation to read all of the second chapter and see how this snippet fits.
The Set Up
     John Hixon, the former FBI agent we first met in The Tourist Killer, visits one of his local hangouts, Mr. Jimmy's Quick Stop convenience store.  

The Six Sentences
Mr. Jimmy nodded his approval, then asked, “You goin’ back to Georgia soon?”
“Retired big shot with the State Department got murdered down in Marietta. Right after he walked outta yo frien’s bar.”
“I don’t know anybody like that,” Hixon shrugged and walked out to his truck. He gave the Marietta incident no further thought.

     We hope you enjoyed this week's snippet. To sample the writing of over 100 other great authors, just click HERE.  


  1. Somehow I'm sure that incident will resurface in a big way - terrific excerpt!

    1. Thanks, Veronica! I hope you enjoy the eventual convergence of all the plot lines.

  2. Intriguing... I'm looking forward to reading!

    1. Dena-Lynn,
      The first two chapters are available now at the link mentioned in the article.
      Happy reading!

  3. Great snippet. Very interested in reading chapter 2. Will do that hopefully soon :)