Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ascension Sunday in Pirate's Alley

The Eight Sentences:
It was Ascension Sunday and he had attended the evening mass at the St. Louis Cathedral alone. As he left the service, a young man called out to him, "Mr. Duplessis, please help me."
The kindly older gentleman found it hard to resist a personal call for help so he stepped eagerly into Pirate's Alley to offer his assistance to the young man in need. Perhaps he was feeling benevolent upon leaving the religious service.
They walked arm in arm several paces into the alley then the young man turned to his companion and said, "This is for Barry -- Clarence Barry, remember him?"
Her disguise and make-shift silencer worked to perfection. The immoral cop and corrupt politician crumpled into a heap in the darkness of the alley. 
Claudia disappeared into the night and reemerged a few blocks over on Toulouse Street.
St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans fronted
by Jackson Square in the French Quarter
Image credit, Wikicommons

The Back Story:
Claudia Barry's first kill.
She avenges the death of her own father at the hands of a dirty cop.
Is she a hero -- or a psycopath?
She uses her skills at disquise to hide from her victims and herself.
Her reaction to his experience can be found in this snippett from last year:

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  1. The few sentences got me quite interested!

  2. Interesting premise - I love playing with grey areas.

  3. Nice fast kill. I suppose she will continue and give us more challenging one.

  4. If this is her first kill I assume she will be doing more of that in the future, so maybe a psychopath? Nicely done.

  5. Interesting. I was really intrigued as to her motives so thank you for the additional backstory. This is a fascinating character you've created here, can't wait for more of her adventures. Great snippet!

  6. Wow, very well done, can't wait for more, great snippet.

  7. Looks like her revenge was served ice cold---an auspicious start to her career!

  8. Wow. Sounds like he might have deserved it? Well, at least as anyone "deserves" to be executed. . . .

  9. You've got a lot in a small space, and it works really well. The whole thing flows effortlessly. Great job on this, Frank!

  10. Oh cool. You had me jumping forward in my seat when I saw the word "silencer."

  11. Good one Chip. I really like Claudia, the idea of a female hitman, err, hit woman. You packed a lot into that 8!
    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  12. "The kindly older gentleman..." & " The immoral cop and corrupt politician..." Wow--nicely done! The juxtaposing sides of the older man are excellent. :-) Good 8, Chip :-)