Saturday, September 28, 2013

The white scarf flashback

The Eight Sentences:
"Claudia, you've known me since you were six or seven years old, don't you remember? You would often point me out to your grandfather and say, 'Look, Grandpa Hooligan, there's Mr. Debert.'"
"You know what I called him."
"Why shouldn't I -- I was always around."
They sat together in companionable silence while she thought. Finally, she said, "I'll wear a white scarf when I want to see you."
"What about after Labor Day?" he asked sincerely.
"That's for shoes," she said with a note of sarcasm.

The Back Story:
Today's snippet comes from the flashback at the beginning of Part 2 of The Tourist Killer. Here, readers meet the mysterious "Mr. Debert" (day-bear), Claudia's confidant, one of only two people with whom she can discuss any aspects of her career. She's decided she can trust him and they make arrangements for scheduling meetings.

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  1. Interesting exchange. Does the woman not remember him? Nice touch about "after Labor Day". Made me smile. Good 8, Chip!

  2. I agree with Teresa, it's a very interesting bit of dialogue. Mysterious as well, making it a compelling read.

  3. Love the reference to white and labor day : ) She's funny!

  4. The premise is intriguing and I enjoyed the conversation between the two characters. Great 8!

  5. I like her caution and 'Grandpa Hooliagan." And the Labor Day reference was fun---he's as interesting as she is! :)

  6. Caution isn't a bad idea... I like the 'no white after labor day' joke, it adds a nice dash of humor to her tension.

  7. An assign who is a fashionista. Nothing like killing with class!

  8. Great dialogue -- love the humor.

  9. love the bit of sarcasm she uses, makes he a very interesting character

  10. Remembered that line well! :) Love it!