Tuesday, February 1, 2011

iPad, iPhone, iPhull -- Playboy Offers an Apple

“Is that an iPad in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” – Mae West would most likely enjoy the opportunities that our media-driven world now offers for more people to be happy to see her. Whether you’re using the new Playboy Hard Drive or looking forward to the just announced Playboy feature (about to be available on iPad) to fill your eyes with beautiful models, opportunities abound.

No longer will viewers need to rely on hiding their covertly obtained copies of the magazine in their closet or under the bed. Now when an unwanted pair of eyes approaches, you can minimize the screen – just like on a computer – or simply put your iPad face down.

On Thursday, January 19, Hugh Hefner announced (via his “official” Twitter account) that Playboy (archives and new issues) would be available “uncensored” on iPad. That news became a cause celeb and sparked a media explosion over the possibility of Apple changing their rules to accommodate what some people regard as porn. Later, with another post on Twitter, Hefner amended his previous statement by saying, “Playboy will be available on iPad without the Playmates. Steve Jobs has a thing about nudity.”

Hef is in the process of taking over control of the Bunny Empire and has over the years learned that there is no such thing as bad publicity or a bad review. Since news came out about the possible buy-out, Playboy Enterprises has been in the news constantly. Last fall came the announcement of the Playboy Hard Drive and the news that more Playboy Clubs are on the drawing board. A new line of “retro” oriented Playboy products was revealed. Now the iPad thing has the attention of all the media news bureaus and others such as Device, PC magazine, and Forbes.

Forbes reports, “According to a Playboy spokeswoman, the content will be accessible through a ‘web-based subscription service’ that can be opened on the iPad. Meanwhile, iPad users will be able to access a nudity-free Playboy iPad app that meets Apple’s current guidelines.

Hefner’s recent moves could be counterproductive. Playboy products are multiplying like rabbits! If he’s too successful, the term, “Playboy” could become too commonly used and endanger his copyright just like Xerox, Kleenex, PhotoShop, Jell-O, Band-Aid and aspirin.

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