Saturday, February 26, 2011

Serial Photography

Almost seven years ago, I read an interesting article in Shutterbug magazine. It was about "self-assignments" for photography projects. They suggested that for one month, try to take as many different images of "stairs" as possible. All different types and locations of stairs would be great. I took images of staircases and steps both inside and out, fancy and plain, modern and traditional. I even found a set of concrete steps in the yard of a lumber company that was being offered for sale. The next month, the subject was anything "green". Each month, readers were encouraged to select a different subject.

Well, the images above didn't come out large enough. Wanted to show an example of serial photos with signs. The reader board at the church -- seen through a wet windshield says, "Pray for rain." The diner is the "No Name" diner and the portable reader board says, "Go green. Buy army surplus". The motel sign says, "Welcome Hookers -- Lowest Rates". I guess I'll sacrifice spontaneous humor for the example of the serial photos. [sigh]

It was serial photography. Now, Harald Mante has written a book about it. Serial Photography -- Using Themed Images to Improve Your Photographic Skills will be available on February 28, 2011 and would be a great investment of both your time and money. I recommend it highly!


  1. I find your photos very interesting. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for visiting and for commenting, Mannoy!