Friday, February 11, 2011

Vargas Remembered

Vargas’ work is considered by many critics and aficionados to be some of, if not the best, of the pin-up and illustrator category. It is both inspired and inspiring and therefore some of the most copied. A Google search for “alberto vargas” yields 2,240,000 results. Delving into that search, you can still find specific site references to Vargas’ beautiful, sensual, exotic women nineteen pages deep.

A search on YouTube for “vargas girls” turns up an amazing 750 results; that’s a lot of video clips! It must be mind boggling for curators of his work and representatives of his estate to protect the images from those who would use his incredible talent and amazing work for personal gain. Out of millions of reproductions of his work, there’s just no telling how many are meant to honor the man and his work and how many are malicious attempts to capitalize on the name/ “Vargas” for personal gain. No doubt, Playboy magazine has an interest in various copyrighted works as well – Vargas became a household name because of Hugh Hefner.

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it was proven time and again in the military. Countless aircraft carried images (many inspired or copied from Vargas) of scantily clad women with suggestive names. Shown above is the “Memphis Belle” along with the original Vargas girl that inspired the nose art. (Image credit:

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