Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hokies and Aggies

The eight sentences:
“Well, that, and anything the Aggie band plays.”
“The Strategic Air Command March?” she asked.
Gregg’s face broke into a smile and his eyebrows raised without conscious effort on his part, “You’re a fan? Thought you were a loyal Irish girl.”   
“I’m a fan of great marching bands. I live in South Bend now, and wear this cap for PR, but I’m a Virginia Tech girl -- I marched in their band when I was in school.”
“Just what is a ‘Hokie?’”
“Tell me what an ‘Aggie’ is, and I’ll tell you what a ‘Hokie’ is.”
“Why don’t we have this conversation over dinner and drinks?”

The set up:
      The speakers are Jerry Gregg, one of the late Julian Thibaut's security men. He's a Texas Aggie.
      He's conversing with Erin O'Hara, the pilot of a King Air of which he is the only passenger. She is wearing a Notre Dame baseball cap. 
      Just before this snippett, she had asked him about his music preferences.

Lagnaippe (something extra you didn't expect):
If you enjoy watching precision marching, here's a treat. The nationally famous "Fightin' Texas Aggie Band." The entire show is fantastic, but if you want to skip ahead to hear the Strategic Air Command march, move the cursor to the 4:53 mark.

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  1. Nice music conversation and nice conclusion to it. I like a guy who knows what he wants.

  2. I love the back and forth. Well played. :)

  3. LOL- Love that bounce back and forth between the characters. Great job!
    I'm a new follower.
    My Blog

  4. Who knew a Hokie and an Aggie could flirt like that? :D

    Bonding over rivalries---if they can do that, it's meant to be.

  5. Hokies and Aggies--I've always kinda wondered myself. Great dialog.:)

  6. I like him for inviting her to have dinner and drinks.

  7. Love the college band references. What fun!

  8. Good dialogue! I didn't know either of those terms.

  9. That is an excellent set up to what has to be considered a pick up line!

    Nice video. I visited Texas a few years ago, staying with a friend whose sons are alumni of Texas A&M. Fantastic rivalry they have with the Longhorns. It was September and there were signs of it everywhere! :-)

    1. Thanks Tersa,
      I'll an old school traditionalist and Texas A & M has some long standing traditions.
      Their marching band is incredible!

  10. I enjoyed the snippet and the video - I love marching bands and really admire all the work that goes into the performances. So, excellent excerpt today!

  11. Loved the video--it's pretty amazing.

  12. Great conversation. I wonder how many drinks it will take to explain Hokies?

  13. I have to say, my best friend is now an airline pilot, but she was a corporate pilot for a long time...I love that you have a female pilot. This just made me so happy : ) And I like the dialogue as well!

    1. Thanks Millie, and congrats to your friend.
      The decision to have a female pilot was a wink to Ian Fleming and his female pilots in "Goldfinger."

  14. Thanks for all the comments!
    I appreciate them all. If I missed your snippet this week, I'll try to catch it next time.