Saturday, August 3, 2013

The return of Star Braun

The eight sentences:

In an alley two blocks away from Vito and Nick’s, Star Braun tossed her iPhone onto the front seat of her metallic black Maserati Gran Turismo S.
The black ski mask slipped off over her head with ease.
She tossed it onto the passenger side seat.
Seconds later the black catsuit joined the mask.
She looked around once more to be sure she was still alone, then stepped with confidence into the black halter-top evening gown and red stiletto heels.
How often do you see a Maserati and a naked woman in an alley in Chicago, she asked herself. The question elicited a smile.
She watched herself in the rear view mirror as she fastened the Mikimoto pearl choker around her neck.

The back story:
Readers first met Star Braun in The Tourist Killer.
Her boss and lover was a victim of professional assassin, Claudia Barry.
Star's back.
She's mad.
She's killing people.
Will she be the spoiler? The trump card? or the wild card?

Notes on the image:
The eight sentences above come from a scene written several weeks ago.
It's surprising how difficult it was to find an image of a blonde model with blue eyes in a black halter evening gown with red stiletto heels.  
The model in the chosen image isn't blonde, but it's the closest I could find to my mental image of Star. Use your imagination.
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  1. Gotta admit she's got balls, stripping in the middle of an alley!

  2. Interesting snippet. I'm guessing she's off to a ball, or something. :)

  3. I think the Mikimoto makes the scene . . . :)

  4. This is very interesting. You've hook the reader, so good job. I love the photo at the top of your blog.

  5. Ooooh, very nice, Chip. Great visual you've painted. She's interesting, and I now have all kinds of questions in my mind. Good 8! :-) Welcome back :-)

  6. You've created quite a visual. :) Great 8.

  7. All the black...sets the scene that she's got some dark deeds to take care of...and a little blood red in the heels. Something tells me you don't want this girl angry with you.

    1. You're right Millie!
      Star is a woman you always want on your side. The problem for most people is, does she want you on her side?

  8. Great photo. Really fits the image you've drawn of Star.

  9. Interesting scene you've painted, really makes me wonder what she's been up to LOL. Excellent excerpt!

  10. Star wearing a Mikimoto pearl choker and driving a Maserati hints at money, her own or somebody else's. You've made me curious as to what she's up to.

  11. Great visual! But wouldn't she look around before she got naked? Looking forward to reading what happens next.

    1. Yes, she did, Letty.
      Sentence # 5 I believe.
      Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  12. Ohh, very intriguing. I'm wondering what she was up to. ;)

  13. No one ever expects a woman of such nefarious actions. Intriguing snippet, Frank. :)

  14. Nice snippet, I love the effect of having each sentence in its own paragraph. :) And you don't mention her taking off clothes, just slipping into the dress. Was that cut to make the eight?

    1. In sentence #4, she takes off the catsuit. I left it to the readers' imaginations that she had nothing on underneath the catsuit.
      Thanks for commenting!

  15. Thanks to everyone for all your comments. I appreciate each and every one.
    I'm attempting to recprocate with each of you. Hopefully I won't miss anyone.