Friday, December 21, 2012

Childhood memories of Christmas music

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the traditional music.
Christmas music wouldn't be Christmas music without Johnny Mathis.

My parents made sure that when my older sister got married and moved out, we would still have music in the house.  They purchased a Zenith stereo record player. 

They subscribed to the Columbia Record Club.  
They let me select the monthly purchase -- sometimes.

Johnny Mathis' Christmas album, pictured above, was an annual favorite.  

We had it on vinyl.

When I married and moved out, I made sure my family had a copy of it in our music library.  For years, it was on the shelf between Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland and my favorite Steppenwolf album -- the one with "Magic Carpet Ride."

Now, I have a CD version of Merry Christmas and for the past two weeks, it's been in my truck. I often listen to music on my commute to work. (Yes, I sing along. Sometimes, very loudly!)

One of my favorite winter songs is included, "Sleigh Ride."  

Music of any kind often brings back memories.

This music brings back memories of a special place.  Home.

And you can't go back.

The Mangham, LA of today is much different in many ways than it was in the sixties.

Most places are.

We still have great memories.

And the wonderful memories will live on forever.
Here's another favorite memory:


  1. What beautiful post about Christmas memories, really cool, remembrance, music and video. I'm Brazilian but I love other cultures and American culture is universal.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family.

    BIA – BRASIL :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, Bia!
      Very thoughtful of you.
      Enjoy the holidays, ever how you observe them. :-)

  2. Love Johnny Mathis!!! And, how much Christmas music adds to the joy and wonder of this season. We were just enjoying some today.
    Blessings, Chip!

  3. What a great experience! Thank you for taking me back. I'll never again have the feeling at Christmas that I had as a child. Of late, it's just become a chore. People don't even go caroling anymore. What a travesty!

    1. Caroling -- wow!
      Can't remember the last time we went.
      But I miss it.
      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Music is the sound track of our lives. It seems that almost every Christmas song reminds me of a different Christmas. The music plays. The years roll back. I'm there in another time and another place. Often in Rayville or Mangham. Sometimes it's difficult to leave.