Sunday, December 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 12-23-12

         For the last few weeks, my contributions to SSS have been from my new novel, The Presidents Club.
Today, we show off the cover. Did you see it above?  
Comments appreciated. 
We're pleased that Jeff Bennington did such a great job. 
The Presidents Club will begin as a weekly serial on the publisher's web site, HERE. 
The action begins on Sunday, January 6, 2013. We hope you'll join us there then. [Eventually, The Presidents Club will be available as an e-book and a trade paperback.]  

This week's SET UP:

         John Hixon, the former FBI agent that readers first met in 
The Tourist Killer, lives in a small cabin in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 
         The cabin is in an area known locally as "Little Canada."  It's one place you DON'T want to hear banjos playing.
         In this snippet, we are introduced to one of his three dogs.

The Six Sentences

They were big, fast, and mean, but they loved John Hixon.  
No one would ever sneak up on him as long as these three guys were around.
He enjoyed talking about his “gang” to the rare visitor that he might bring to his mountain redoubt. “‘Uzi’ was my first one, he’s a German pitweiller.
I got him from a shelter in South Carolina about two days before they would have euthanized him.”
Hixon would smile and then add, “He’s always been grateful.”

Now, there's more!
We hope you enjoyed this week's sample. To sample the work of over one hundred more great writers, just click HERE. Want to join the fun with a selection from your own works? Details at the home page for Six Sentence Sunday. It's easy, fun, and gets more exposure for your writing.

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