Saturday, December 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Dec. 16

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Next Sunday, Dec. 23, just before Christmas, we will introduce the cover for The Presidents Club.  It was designed by Jeff Bennington and features one of the main characters, John Hixon along with...well, wait on the surprise.  Right here. Next Sunday. 
Now on to SSS...

The Setup
      Many of the conversations, plans, and character development occur in the Louisville Tavern. For the book, I've chosen to locate this "old man's bar" in Marietta, GA.  This venue is modeled after a real bar back in Louisiana.  Watch for a blog about it soon.  This scene sets the tone for much of the action to follow and of course, happens early in the book. 

Image credit:  Donna B. Cooper

The Six Sentences
Louie the bartender had a sawed off shotgun under the bar. His finger was on the trigger as he spoke to the man seated near the door. "We've heard enough of your foul mouth and we're sick of your dirty jokes. It's time for you to pay and go."
The patron with the ugly laugh stood and looked around the bar for a victim. Then, his eyes shot daggers at Louie, he threw a ten-dollar bill on the bar, and said, "Don't go home alone."

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  1. I like how the bartender has a gun close by, with this chap he's going to need it. I also like your description of his "eyes shooting daggers at Louie".
    On another note, it's interesting how you choose Marietta, GA as the setting - had car trouble there once. Interesting six!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Frank.
    I appreciate your comment.
    The bar and the setting originated in my first book, "The Tourist Killer."

    Beginning Sunday, January 6,2013, "The Presidents Club" will begin a weekly run as a serial -- one chapter a week. You can find it on my publisher's site,

  3. Yeah...hoping Louie takes that shotgun home with him. This is an intriguing set up, Chip. I definitely want to dig into this story.

    1. Thanks Silver.
      For a serial, I'll need an effective hook every week.

  4. Back when I worked at a restaurant, there were a few times when the bartender on duty would have liked to have said the same thing to a few patrons. Great six!

  5. Thanks Jess.
    Don't you hate to call some slime ball a "patron?" LOL

  6. Things like that happen in bars. The scene and exchange adds a touch of authenticity to those kinds of places where the civilized seldom go and certainly don't understand.

  7. Sounds like he's thinking 'its payback time'. Sets the scene very well.