Saturday, August 2, 2014

Distraction Enables Stealth

The Eight Sentences: 
Star closed her eyes and stretched her arms out in either direction to their full length. Then she leaned forward,  placed her hands on her ankles, and slid them up her legs. She clasped her hands and placed them in plain view on her knees. When she had returned to her previous position, she looked in the direction of the bar and Claudia was gone. That was impressive.
Claudia’s voice came from behind, “You do know how to give the impression that you’re not here as an adversary. You said you wanted my help, start talking.”
“I’d prefer to talk over dinner, or drinks, or both.”

The Back Story:
     Another excerpt from my third novel, A Year Without Killing (a WIP.) This scene picks up from a previous snippet found HERE.
Claudia is meeting with Star Braun who is trying to earn Claudia's trust during a surprise encounter. At the beginning, Claudia is standing behind the bar in her hotel room. Star gets a sample of Claudia's ability to steal about a room undetected.

But wait, there's more:

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  1. great snippet, and drinks and dinner are always the best way to declare "peace" :-)

  2. I like the caution displayed in this line: "You do know how to give the impression that you’re not here as an adversary."

    Sounds like Claudia's not entirely convinced.

  3. I don't know if Claudia is going to accept the drink, that seems a bit too cozy.

  4. It's almost like putting out bacon to attract a wolf. Great snippet, Frank. :D

  5. I could certainly visualize Star's movements from your description. An interesting scene, can't wait for the further developments. Excellent excerpt!

  6. Star does seem to know what she's doing---I've already come to expect that from Claudia! :)

  7. Excellent description, and a good way to get someone's respect, at least it would be in Claudia's trade.

  8. Hmm...what is Star up to? And what does she need help with? Good 8, Chip.

    That photo to the right..."Blue Dusk" is so gorgeous! I love NC. But being visitors, we rarely seem to be at the prime place at the prime time to capture such a "poetic sunset". So I'll enjoy yours. :-)

    1. Stay tuned for the answers to your questions about Star.
      And "Blue Dusk" was taken moments after sunset at Waterrock Knob near the Cherokee reservation, just west of Maggie Valley, NC.

  9. This is intriguing, Chip! Wish I could turn the page and keep going...

  10. Great stuff. "Start talking." Things usually get interesting when those two words are uttered.

  11. Interesting snippet. I'm intrigued to know more.

  12. I just love Claudia! Star has given me some questions to ponder.