Sunday, August 24, 2014

I am sudden death.

The Tourist Killer ends and A Year Without Killing opens
in Manhattan near Penn Station.
Here's a shot I got from Hoboken. 

The Eight Sentences:

“I am sudden death.
Final.”  -- For over thirty years, it was the credo of one of the most successful and least known professional assassins in history. In A Year Without Killing, Claudia Barry takes a year off from work. 
She doesn’t leave her weapons at home.

The Back Story:
       Today's excerpt is the promo line for my third novel.
        If that was all you knew about the book, would you click your mouse to find out more?
        As usual, all feedback welcomed.

Open call for writers:
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  1. Yes, the tag line is compelling. I'd definitely click to see more.

  2. Yes, I would definitely be intrigued by it.
    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  3. YES! I'd buy this, highly intriguing...excellent enticement...

  4. Even though "least known", I totally understand why she doesn't leave her weapons at home. Not everybody is going to enjoy having her on holiday.

  5. What a great hook! Definitely intriguing :)

  6. I think I'd be intrigued. I especially like the last line.

  7. Very powerful and truly grabbing. This intro is sure to entice many readers.

  8. Yes. I believe I would.

  9. I couldn't imagine how you could improve on that. Excellent.

  10. Great tag line. I especially love that she takes a year off... but doesn't leave her weapons at home...

  11. I really like it, Chip! Yes. I'd want to read more.