Saturday, August 9, 2014

The League of Old Men

Weekend Writing Warriors

The Eight Sentences:

I stumbled into their meeting hall.

As far as I was concerned, it had always been an urban legend.
The League Of Old Men was as real to me as a twenty-first century Illuminati.
You may have heard the legends, rumors, and stories yourself.
Events that at first seem unrelated and then, overnight, are connected by wing-nut conspiracy theorists.
Deals, deaths, and deniable dilemmas that mark the repetition of history through the decades.
The romantic stories of great loyalty, unshakable devotion, and a will that would make that of G. Gordon Liddy pale by comparison.
Former Hell’s Angels with a desire to preserve their culture,
Viet Nam veterans obsessed with a sense of justice usually reserved for vigilantes.
Maverick cops and detectives determined to execute appropriate sentences — with or without a judge and jury.

The Back Story:
My current work in progress, A Year Without Killing, introduces several new characters in the "Barry-Hixon Conspiracy" series of books. This recent blog (on my WordPress site) sheds light on a secret organization to which several of the new characters belong. Watch for more on the League of Old Men in future snippets.

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  1. Are these the same guys from the snippets you shared a while back? Trading barbs in the bar?

    I LOVE those guys!

    1. Thanks, Sarah.
      This is a different group. Watch for them to join forces with The Presidents Club in my 4th book, "Transfer the Dragon."

  2. What a nice description of the secret organization.

  3. I love your use of language. "Deals, deaths and deniable dilemmas" really got to me, enjoyed how the phrases flowed. Excellent excerpt!

    1. Thanks Veronica!
      I love alliteration, but as Tony Sinclair says, "Only in moderation."

  4. Nice work, Chip. It's a fascinating introduction... plus, you name-dropped the Gman. Good stuff.

  5. This might come as a shock. Is he going to enter the legend or just deny it?

    1. Linda, when you ask, "Is 'he'," to whom are you referring?
      The author?
      That would be me, and the LOOM will be featured in one or more of my books.
      Thanks for asking!

  6. This really pulls the reader in... conspiracy theories, legends, rumors - wow. Heavy thoughts and very intriguing.

  7. Not sure my comment took...

    I love the way your intertwine the groups and characters into other novels.